About Us

Samuel Lichtman, CFP®

Co-Founder, Achieve Wealth Management
Certified Financial Planner®

Planning your financial future is so much more than punching numbers in a calculator. Whether your plan is to retire in a villa down in Arizona, figure out how to pay for your child's university tuition or sell your business, I work with clients to turn goals into reality.

My experience in the financial industry started in a local credit union. That was a great learning experience for me to understand banking, corporate finance and day to day operations.

Over the course of the next 4 years, I worked at one of Canada's largest mutual fund companies building financial plans, and mainly growing my knowledge base and completing my Certified Financial Planner® designation.

I decided to move to an independent dealership in September of 2020 and co-founded Achieve Wealth Management advisory firm in September of 2020.

My areas of expertise include building effective long term investment plans, tax effective retirement planning, estate planning and corporate financial services.

I have my diploma in financial planning, my CFP® designation and have completed multiple courses that enable me to understand and coach financial behaviour and provide advice around planning in today's investment markets.

Lastly, I am now licensed in BC, AB, SK, ON and QC for all your investment needs.

Claude Kotyk

Co-Founder, Achieve Wealth Management
Financial Advisor

Everybody deserves to be able to have access to premium quality investment and financial products whether they are experienced high net worth investors or someone thinking about getting started.

As an Independent Financial Advisor with over 20 years industry experience and co-founder of Achieve Wealth Management, my main focus is to work with each client to get a snapshot of their current financial situation and determine their goals and desires. The steps required to get the client to their individual goals and desires may be different for each person and may include attention to investment products, tax strategies, cash flow, wealth preservation and retirement planning. I will help each client make educated decisions along the way to get to their goals and desires regardless of their asset level and investment knowledge.

Achieve Wealth Management gave us the ability to become affiliated with Portfolio Strategies Corporation based out of Calgary, Alberta. Portfolio Strategies is one of the largest Independent Mutual Fund and Exempt Market Dealers in Canada. This affiliation provides Independent Financial Advisors the platform to access investment products from over 120 investment firms allowing us to build the best portfolios for each client. We have the freedom to use the top performing products available regardless of the investment provider.

This current arrangement results in truly unbiased recommendations as there is no pressure to provide proprietary or in-house products.

I enjoy helping and sharing knowledge with clients that have a desire to succeed and am able to provide the information in terms that make the whole process easy to understand. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss your dreams and aspirations and to have the opportunity to work with you on your path to financial security.

Currently licensed in BC, AB, and SK. I can be reached at (306) 539-3199.